These grateful trekkers braved uncharted trails to partner with the Terrain. We enjoyed working with these leaders and their teams, and they enjoyed the successful results from adventuring with us.

We’re all working together; that’s the secret. ~ Sam Walton


As much as we were ready for a change in our brand, our creativity and vision was limited by our own assumptions and corporate culture. That’s where the Brand Dig came in – the process challenged us to dig into our core vision and beliefs about our organization, and the Brand Dig team used their objectivity to chart a course for us to realize that vision in an amazing new brand language. Without the Brand Dig, we never would have had the confidence to aim high enough to achieve such amazing results.

George Jungbluth / National Weather Service / Chief of Staff


Frederic did an excellent job to bring the team on the same page, carve out the most powerful brand message and core target group for us. Our branding was great already but the Brand Dig gave us clarity where the fine-tuning needed to happen and the result was outstanding. It made a massive impact and gave our entire team clarity on what and who to focus on. We definitely got a great ROI out of it.

Claudia Hillmeier / Founder + President


Frederic performed a very insightful and actionable Brand Dig for the Outback Steakhouse brand. I engaged his services with the World of Beer Craft Tavern business and was once again exceptionally pleased with the outcome.

Paul Avery / President + CEO


The Brand Dig made it possible to discover the true brand identity of our concept, which was hidden in the early stages of our young brand. Frederic did a phenomenal job and the very in-depth process made us laugh and cry at the same time, discovering our true brand personality. As we continue our journey of rebranding our restaurant concept, every vendor and collaboration we have come across shares praises and excitement, on how stellar, unique and well-positioned our brand is. The newly rebranded locations are moving the needle in a positive direction in value perception and sales markers, which were the top goals for this project.

Arlene Johnston / Co-Founder


The Brand Dig is a very unique tool that allowed us to look inward at our strengths and weaknesses, and help us identify our culture, despite being such a young startup. It was an emotional exercise, but Frederic made it enjoyable and incredibly beneficial to our team dynamic. We were able to delineate between our core culture and trends that would arise, but that don’t belong in our brand. Ultimately, we were able to hone in on who we really are distilling our vision into compelling art / imagery. Terrain allowed us to find that “we live for the complexity behind the simplicity.”

Lamine Zarrard / Founder + CEO


We retained Frederic and his Brand Dig process when we needed to refresh and realign the Blackfinn brand. It was about positioning, look and feel, but also, and more importantly, it was about aligning and firing up our people. I can’t say enough positive things about the experience and the outcome. Frederic did a great job and it completely revolutionized the brand as we knew it. The excitement and results were immediate as we started to convert our stores into the newly-shaped Blackfinn Ameripub brand. I would absolutely recommend this exercise to anyone who is looking to maximize the potential of a brand at any stage in their lifecycle.

Fredrik Nilsson / Director of Marketing


Frederic helped with the branding of my nonprofit, Dance To Be Free, whose mission is to change the trajectory of women in prison through dance. After a few years of using the name, Dance 2B Free, Fred pointed out the difference between the two spellings:  “Dance To Be Free” and “Dance 2B Free;” one being mature and elegant – the latter being adolescent and awkward. The original name was especially cumbersome when sharing our mission with potential donors and supporters in a verbal exchange! Thank you for making our lives easier as we embark down an already challenging path!

Lucy Wallace, MA / Founder


Bloomin’ Brands, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLMN – Bonefish Grill, Carrabba’s, Fleming’s, & Outback Steakhouse) worked with Terrain Collective from 2007 to 2014. We were extremely pleased with the work produced for us. We considered Terrain Collective a true partner in our business and an extension of our team. Terrain Collective helped us drive our business through creating brand appropriate, meaningful, and compelling marketing communications on too many projects to count. The Terrain understood the principles and beliefs for our company and the high standards that we have set, and they were very efficient in delivering them with the nimbleness and “best in class” output that our business needed.

Lisa Dawson / Senior Director – Creative Services


My time working with Frederic was not only insightful and inspiring, but also pivotal in the growth of the Grief Support Network, a non profit organization that I founded in 2012 after losing my first child. Frederic brought a fresh perspective to our marketing approach and offered creative suggestions and solutions to improve our brand by helping us better clarify and develop our core vision and message as an organization. In just a few weeks, he helped our audience connect with our message through a more heart-centered approach. It was Frederic who helped us to realize that our website needed to be more personal and invoke the emotion that is inherent in healing from loss, which has dramatically increased our ability to reach people and impact the lives of those who are grieving. I can’t say enough about Frederic’s contagious enthusiasm, creativity, integrity, good nature and professionalism. He is truly a joy to work with and I highly recommend him to anyone who is ready to up-level their brand to better align with their mission, passion and purpose.”

Wendy Stern
 / Founder

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