Terrain Collective is the creative consultancy of Frederic Terral, who has been trekking the wilds of creative terrains for over two decades. From the Fortune 500 to nonprofits, and from startups to government agencies, Frederic has been the creative Sherpa for countless strategy, design, and branding expeditions. He began his creative career with The Walt Disney Company, and to this day, he brings touches of his 3 invaluable years with the Mouse to every project. His first company, Right Brain Terrain, sold the world’s first alternative motivational posters, all designed by Frederic. With rave reviews in many of the most popular blogs on the interwebs, the company enjoyed sales on six continents and yielded invitations for Frederic to be a featured artist on the Dew Tour, Manifest Hope DC, and Manifest Equality LA.

A major shift in Frederic’s career occurred the moment he met his most influential mentor, Mr. Wright Massey, who is celebrated for leading the design and rollout of the Starbucks store experience that helped launch a global brand (read Pour Your Heart Into It by Howard Schultz). Wright and Frederic eventually formed a partnership and collaborated with some of the most gifted creative minds in the industry to work on high-profile holistic rebranding projects, including the iconic design of the Coca-Cola Sign in New York’s Times Square (2004-2017) and rebranding projects for Outback Steakhouse, Jack in the Box, and Odwalla, to name a few.

With basecamps in Boulder CO and Asheville NC, the Terrain is a collective of gifted, independent designers, illustrators, photographers, writers, SEO, SEM & digital advertising experts who have either been personally invited by Frederic, or referred to the Terrain by approved members. Some of the Terrain’s creative guides live in remote cabins in the woods, while others prefer condos at world class ski resorts, just a few feet from the lifts. Frederic and his Terrain partners all share a passion for their crafts, a love of the outdoors, and a commitment to guiding memorable and successful expeditions.


The Terrain recommends or collaborates with a very select group of proven creative and technical partners. Look for the seal on our partner websites and you’ll know they have proven their worth on more than one successful expedition with the Terrain. Please contact us if you wish to be considered to become an Authorized Member. All candidates must be unanimously approved by current members.


VCD (Virtual Creative Director)
Creative direction, strategy, and brand positioning are the solo expeditions of Frederic who has been guiding such creative treks so long, he seldom needs his compass anymore. Frederic serves as the Virtual Creative Director for companies who don’t have the need or resources for a full-time in-house creative director. Services can include agency reviews, agency intermediary, brand positioning, creative strategy, art & creative direction, naming, portfolio reviews, RFP creation, style & mood boards, and more. 


All potential projects are assessed by Frederic Terral, who determines the best resources and strategy to ensure successful expeditions.


It all starts with a great name. Naming is an art, and discovering the name that fits the brand, company culture, target audience, product & services, and an available URL, is no easy task. The Terrain prides itself on relentlessly trekking for miles to discover the payoff no one expected.


Developed by Frederic, The Brand Dig™ is a creative exercise designed solely to guide and inspire the discovery of a company’s most uniquely authentic brand persona. The Dig is the foundational work required before one re-brands or launches a product, service, retail concept, website, app, or even an event. Once the persona is refined and defined, your creative teams have a creative trail map vital to expressing this persona through images, words, music, design, and more. Many non-profits, startups, government agencies, Fortune 500 and small businesses have enjoyed successful roll outs after completing the Brand Dig programRead the reviews here

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