Terrain Collective was established as Brand Architecture in 1999, and first gained recognition for the design of the Coca-Cola sign in Time Square, New York City, and a few years later for the successful re-branding of Outback Steakhouse. Today, Terrain Collective proudly holds true to the principles that built this terrain.

We help brands find out who they really are, and who they need to be. We speak in unique visuals and we use words to move people to smile, laugh, wonder, and crave. We believe in the power that great design has to influence, inspire, and move people to feel. We reject the obvious and the predictable.

Every project begins with our Brand Dig™. We dig to unearth the creative nuggets that inspire us to craft a uniquely relevant brand narrative, look, voice, tone, and feel. Customers are humans too, and we create for them.


  • The Brand Dig™
  • Brand Identity + Standards
  • Package Design
  • UX/UI Design
  • Art + Illustration
  • Copywriting + Naming
  • Digital + Print Advertising
  • Naming + Copywriting
  • Signage + Art Installations