TERRAIN FILMS  —  Terrain founder, Frederic Terral, has joined forces with filmmaker Jeremy Seifert to produce videos exclusively for B Corporations and mission-driven organizations seeking meaningful ways to share their stories of positive social impact and environmental sustainability. Jeremy brings decades of award-winning filmmaking craftsmanship and Frederic brings decades of creative and strategic brand positioning expertise. Their mission is simple, to engage viewers’ hearts and minds to stir a deeper connection to stories that inspire people, encourage change, and shine a light on those using their influence for a greater purpose.

LEAN WITHOUT COMPROMISE  —  Budgets are determined by a myriad of factors such as locations, duration, casting, music, etc., much like the variables that determine the price of a house. The approach is to arrive at a lean budget without compromising on quality. A beautifully crafted, authentic, meaningful, and thoughtful video can have a shelf life lasting many years.

THE IMPACT OF AUTHENTICITY (& VIDEO)  —  Around the world, 91% of consumers are likely to reward brands for authenticity and share the brand with friends and family, and 62 percent are likely to purchase from or show greater interest in purchasing from a brand that authentically expresses itself. 90% of consumers indicate product videos directly inform purchase decisions. 95% of consumers retain communicated information through video, while only 10% retain information from reading. Forbes

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